Monday, April 26, 2010

Ashley Marian @ Northwest River Park

Ashley & I have been planning for about a year to shoot. We finally both found the time to take a mini adventure out to the most beautiful park around! It was very cold out & Ashley still wanted to go for a swim. I loved her attitude & spunk...even though she was freezing! She was so awesome to work with, & we're planning for round 2 soon =)

You can see more of her modeling here:


New dress, Old look.

Daleia Shemell is one of my best friends. She lives in NY & hasn't been down here to see me in 2 years! Before she moved, we always liked to shoot vintage/retro styles. So, we couldn't break the tradition =)

We went to the docks in Norfolk. Alot of local photographers like to use that spot, & I understand's so pretty! I really enjoyed shooting outdoors, I love the natural sun light.

Here's a few shots we took, enjoy ;)